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In 1930, my grandfather began treating his patients with a medical protocol he invented. This treatment proved to heal many health problems, especially chronic degenerative illnesses. During his time, contemporary doctors showed no interest in I.P.T. nor in learning the technique itself, on the contrary, they ignored and suppressed it among themselves, saying it didn't work. Then my father continued learning and perfecting the technique. Both of them made great effort to present this treatment option to the medical society, validating its efficiency on the sick. During my father's time, only four doctors showed interest in knowing and learning about I.P.T. Finally I came along, and helped to propagate I.P.T. to a more international level.

In was in February of 2001 that the first group of 21 doctors, most of them from the United States of America and Canada, attended the First Seminar of Instruction of Insulin Potentiation Therapy. It's been now 12 years since I began instructing medical doctors in this manner. Being a medical treatment, the technique has changed and improved, it's essential to keep updating knowledge to understand the modifications to any procedure. In the 70 Seminars I've taught over the world, many doctors never returned to continue learning and updating the I.P.T. technique. Some of my student doctors formed an Association and began educating other physicians without proper supervision nor experience, excluding myself and without my permission. They showed no respect for my authorship and appropriated my grandfather's procedure for their own profit and advantage. They don't seem to care about recent changes nor updates I've done to I.P.T., putting the patient's safety at risk.

I.P.T. is a safe procedure, ONLY WHEN administered by a professional I.P.T. Physician. As my own experience dictates, It's important to know what you're doing when a patient’s safety is in your hands. If a doctor is now well trained, he is compromising the patient's safety, because insulin administration, followed by potent drugs with pharmacological effects, requires knowing exact and precise timing to achieve the desired effects and all the benefits of this fine treatment. Not knowing the risks can have undesirable effects such as seizure, alteration in renal and heart function, high segregations in adrenaline, among others.

As a patient, or someone looking for this treatment option, you have to make sure you are choosing a trained professional who will make the right decisions in case of a secondary reaction, not a doctor who read about I.P.T. who learned it from another doctor who learned it from another doctor… This affects me too, for if its not administered properly, the patient will have little expectation for I.P.T. and think it’s the treatment that's not working, when in fact, its the doctor who's not qualified.

And yet, associations like the "Best Answer for Cancer" in the U.S.A. continues "training" doctors in what they say is Insulin Potentiation Therapy, but as grandson of the founder, I say to you, it is not.
I've been doing this protocol for over 30 years; there is no other doctor with my level of experience in this matter. I feel a great sense of duty and responsibility to report what is happening, so you, the patient can make the right choice and benefit from this treatment that can improve your quality of life, cure and treat your illness without causing adverse side effects. Please be advised and take 5 minutes to check the updated list of Officially Certified I.P.T. Physicians, trained and endorsed by me, Dr. Donato Pérez García. 

  Where can I find the list of Certified and Endorsed I.P.T. Physicians?
1. You can go to Dr. Donato’s official web pages: and and click on the orange button that reads:
“Find the right IPT Therapist: List of Endorsed Physicians by Donato Pérez García”.

  2. You can click on the Link:

  3. You can contact the IPT Medical Team of Donato Perez Garcia via:
  Phone: U.S. (619)-798-8017 MEX (664)-635-1834/64
Skype: donatopg3
Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+Pages, Pinterest, Foursquare and LinkedIN.

Thank you for reading and supporting this “I.P.T. Certified-M.D. Awareness Week”. Remember; “Safety Starts with a Choice. Be aware. Check the List!”

Donato Perez Garcia, M.D.

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