Thursday, July 24, 2014

It's here! It's here! The I.P.T. Electronic Booklet



Presenting for the first time ever:
(click link above) 

It's finally here, the I.P.T Booklet!

* Have questions about I.P.T?
* Our treatments?
* I.P.T. Medical Team Services?
* Travel arrangements to Mexico?
* Contact information?
* Procedures?
* Hospital Angeles?
* Something else?

The answers are probably in this illustrated, easy to read booklet.
Over 24 treatment plans, patient’s most frequent Q&A, plus your guide to
Getting a FREE evaluation and treatment proposal plan. 
Check it out! 
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Our List of Treatments include:
* I.P.T. Targeted Low Dose Chemotherapy
* Natural Chemotherapy (Non-Toxic)
* Detoxification Treatments
* Anti Fungal Treatments
* Anti Parasitic Treatments
* Anti Viral
* Specific Organ Support
* Immune System Support
* Dendritics
* Nutritional Fortification
* High Dose Vitamin C -drips-
* Cellular Anti Aging Treatments (Non-Esthetical)
* Hyperthermia
* Bio-Energy Treatments
* Nutritional Guideline
* Supplement Guideline
* Ozone Therapy
* Oxygen Therapy

and many more …                                                click on:
* All our treatments are administered using the protocol “Insulin Potentiation Therapy”.
* A Maintenance and Follow Up Plan is included with each medical condition, to prevent recurrence.
* All I.P.T. treatments are supervised and administered by Donato Pérez García, M.D.

For more information on our services, please contact the IPT Medical Team of Donato Perez Garcia, M.D.

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