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R. has Stage 2 adenocarcinoma prostate cancer. He is leaning towards stage 3. He is not a candidate for surgery. Although his heart is doing well, the surgery would more than likely kill him. They would have to invert him for six hours and the doctors feel that he wouldn’t survive the surgery. If he did, they said that he would have a permanent catheter and never be able to have kids. Not much of quality of life in his opinion.

He is not a candidate for radiation therapy. They do not want to do hormone therapy as it would be very detrimental to his heart. The only remaining option is radiation for nine weeks, five days a week. And eventually stem cell transplant or blood therapy once it metastasizes. They don’t feel that if would get rid of the cancer, only slow it down. Because he is such a big man, they would have to do much more radiation than the doctors would like. His side effects would be a permanent catheter and colostomy bag.

R. decided that the side effects would be too extreme and opted for IPT treatments. He is going to have the treatment done in Mexico by one of the doctors that discovered and patented IPT, DR. DONATO PEREZ GARCIA. Dr. Donato has an 82% success rate for stage 2 to stage 3 prostate cancer and would half the price than in U.S.. There are doctors all over the world doing this type of treatment. If R. had it done here in the U.S. it would cost $75,000-$100,000 and the doctors doing it were all taught by Dr. Donato.

Basically they put you in an hypoglycemic state and administer about 15% of the normal chemo dose with insulin. Because cancer cells have many more insulin receptors on them, the cancer cells “open their doors” to receive the insulin carrying the chemo. Because of this, it is like receiving 16 chemo treatments in one, only you don’t get sick or lose your hair. IPT does not destroy the healthy cells and does not tear your body down like regular chemo.

Once the cancer is destroyed, R. will come back once or twice a year to have an additional treatment. Than way, if any cancer cells pop up they are destroyed before they can turn into tumors. If you want any further information, you can go to or

R. first treatment was done on Monday. The hospital was unbelievably beautiful. The entire hospital was spotless and the staff was very caring and gave him excellent care.

Dr. Donato administered a detox and antifungal I.V. the first day. He said that many cancers are started by fungus in the body. The second day R. had Biological Medicine for prostate administered. Basically, these are plan and herb concoctions manufactured in Germany. Europe has been using them for over 200 years.

Again, thanks everyone of you for helping R.!

* For security purposes, patient's name will remain anonymous.

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