Monday, February 16, 2015


Achieving a state of remission in cancer patients, is no easy task. It is a diligent work between doctor and patient. There is no immediate cure. But there is a cure. IPT can be an effective cure with visible-measureable results.

This X-Ray was taken to a lung cancer patient at the beginning of her treatment. After 8 months of diligent effort in keeping a healthy diet and life style, keeping a positive mental/emotional state and with the help of IPT Low Dose Chemo and complementary therapies, this patient achieved an 80% tumor reduction with 25 IPT treatments.

IPT does work.

Many patients that have received IPT, enjoy today a cancer free life. It is not a dream, it is a measurable reality. You have to be willing to fight with all your heart, you need to completely change to a healthier life style and keep healthy the rest of your life, it is possible.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To assure effectiveness, IPT must be administered by an IPT Physician trained and certified  by the senior IPT instructor, Donato Pérez García, MD. 

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