Friday, May 6, 2016

 Dr, Donato Perez Garcia 
619 798 80 17
Hospital Angeles Tijuana

We feed the cancerous cell with chemo.

Cancer cells take in the chemotherapy drugs much more easily with insulin; it potentiates medication, transporting it more effectively into the cells.
Insulin Potentiation Therapy Low Dose® changes the   bio-physic-chemical constants and parameters of the blood, attacking first the cancerous cell through its intra-extra cellular environment, causing permeability in the cell’s membrane.
In other words, insulin makes the cancer cells hungry for food (sugar) and in this state gobbles up everything you put into it, even chemo drugs, causing its death.
One by one, cancer cells diminish in the affected tissue. Until they all die. Healthy cells remain intact. Allowing white cells to clean the entire system. Promoting and strengthening your immune system, protecting you from any carcinogenic agent. Because people respond differently to similar chemo drugs and other prescription drugs including insulin, very few have allergic reactions such as fast heartbeat, low blood pressure, itching, or rash; reactions that do not endanger life and can be safely reversed with the appropriate medication.
IMPORTANT NOTE: IPTLD® is a proven safe procedure, WHEN ADMINISTERED BY A TRAINED AND CERTIFIED IPT PHYSICIAN, no deaths during treatment have ever been reported. For your security, Check the List of Certified IPT Physicians, approved and endorsed by Donato Pérez García, MD:

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